Lasix (furosemide) is a highly-efficient medicine used to treat a number of conditions as prescribed by your health care provider, but most often used for fluid retention and high blood pressure. Give your doctor as much information about the health conditions you have, as this will help him to prescribe you a more accurate dosage from which you will benefit. The following health conditions should be mentioned when you talk to your health care provider about taking Lasix: diabetes, gout, lupus, allergy to any sulfa drugs, as well as kidney or liver disease. Taking Lasix for high blood pressure you are supposed to carry on with the treatment if you feel a lot better. High blood pressure can go unnoticed, which makes this health condition even more dangerous. Lasix may cause dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids during the entire period of the treatment. Your doctor will also most probably provide you with detailed instructions on the kinds of food you are not supposed to it. Many patients are also recommended to take potassium supplements to make sure they get enough of salt and potassium in their diet. Lasix is FDA pregnancy category C: although it is not known whether this drug can do harm to an unborn baby, Lasix can pass into breast milk and affect the health or a nursing infant. In case of being pregnant or breastfeeding at the moment of starting the treatment make sure you talk to a qualified professional about this situation to make sure your baby is safe.

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